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Website Maintenance

Executive Web Design, LLC offers full website maintenance services.   

Keeping Your Content Current

Keeping your content fresh will help you in two ways.  1.) Your visitors will see that you stay informed about the current trends in your industry.   2.) Ssearch engines prefer websites that change their content regularly and tend to keep those websites ranked higher than websites that remain stagnant. 

Checking Server and Website Performance

Keeping your site maintained means making sure everything is running smoothly from month to month.  If a problem arises where your website has a slow speed, pages not loading or is infected with Malware, this can affect your search engine ranking ability.  Ongoing maintenance allows you to minimize these issues.


One of the most overlooked maintenance proceedure is backing-up websites.   How much business could you lose if you lost your website tomorrow?  How much money would it cost to re-design your website?  How much time would it take to add all your content?  For most businesses, losing their website information would be a nightmare scenario.  Site's get hacked every day, servers crash and content is sometimes accidentally deleted.  Be sure that your webmaster's monthly maintenance includes backing up your website files.


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